Paths are forged by walking them.

Idyllic wine villages, mighty mountains, exquisite Moselle wine and a range of hiking trails in the Moselle region will make every hiker's heart beat a little faster.

The harmonious combination of beautiful river landscapes and unique low mountain regions makes hiking in the Moselle particularly enjoyable!
Sun-kissed vineyard terraces and steep, imposing slopes - the Moselle winds its way, bend by bend, across unspoilt countryside; a countryside that is best explored during a lovely long walk. Along the river or up in the vineyards - you'll have incredible views across the Moselle valley and the adjoining Hunsrückhöhen at every turn.
This region is where internationally renowned exclusive wines are grown, and the spirit of the Romans and the Celts can still be seen and felt here today. Kröv is surrounded by some 30km of well-signposted hiking trails, such as the breathtaking 'Schieferpfad' (the slate trail) or the vineyard hiking trail to Reil. What's more, with the right pair of hiking boots, there's nothing to stop you from reaching even more spectacular heights, right in the middle of the Erden vineyards (approximately 6km from Kröv), up above the Roman wine presses. Here, you'll be greeted by a stunning climbing trail that winds its way through narrow vineyard paths and rugged rock formations. 
April 2014 saw the official opening of the 'Moselsteig' premium hiking trail, an extended trail with a total length of 365km that features numerous highlights, both cultural and scenic.
But who ever said that hiking always has to be on foot? 
The Moselle wine train is also an exciting to make your way through the region, linking the romantic wine centres of Traben-Trarbach, Kröv-Kövenig and Reil via Bullay, which makes it the shortest rail route in Rhineland Palatinate.


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