Wine estates around Kröv

The Steffensberg estate, which starts at the border to the neighbouring district of Wolf, extends all the way to the "Brauneterbach" and covers approximately 35 ha. The typical Devonian slate creates the perfect conditions for fruity, fresh and harmonious wines that can be savoured from an early stage. The top quality vineyards of this area are on a par with those located in the adjacent estate of Letterlay.
This approximately 40ha area, where the Devonian slate lies partially on a heavy, clay-based substrate, yields weighty, full-bodied wines that benefit from a longer storage period in their barrels. In particular, the extremely steep slopes in this area result in beautifully refined Rieslings that are rich in finesse. 
The 75ha Kirchlay estate stretches from the Bayersbach, the border to the Letterlay estate, all the way to the Viehbach. Particularly fine and flavoursome grapes are grown at Kirchlay. Very dry, hot years mean a successful yield of wines with lots of body and substance, as there is plenty of moisture reaching the roots of the vines in the very deepest areas.
The area extending from the Viehbach to the border of Kinheim is occupied by the Paradies estate; with 162ha, it is the largest individual estate in Kröv. The soil here is very heavy and contains a lot of clay; the Müller-Thurgau grape variety is also grown here. Up on the slopes, we meet the Devonian slate once again and the Riesling that grows here is light and fruity, with a very lively aroma. The Müller-Thurgau grapes from this plateau are juicy and elegant to the palate, and when properly cultivated, they make an exceptional complement to the Riesling.
Nowadays the famous Kröver Nacktarsch - the area's ancient name - forms the collective estate for the entire Kröv district. This means that every Kröv wine can be sold as a Kröver Nacktarsch. However, it should be noted that the Kröver Nacktarsch estate is one of the few large-scale vineyards that covers just one area, guaranteeing a truly original taste for wine enthusiasts.
The Kövenig district is home to the wine estates of Herrenberg (20ha) and Burglay (18ha), situated on the steep slate slopes. In the past, the Herrenberg estates produced the so-called "Zehntwein", and what the powers at be drank and deemed worthy back then should taste just as good to us today. The name Burglay is a reminder of the Celtic refuge on what is now known as the "Burgberg" on whose slopes these estates are now situated. 



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